Why the desert tech desert will soon be a tech hub

By JOSH LANG, Associated Press WriterMEMPHIS, Tenn.

(AP) A lot of people think the desert will be a cool place to live in 20 years.

The desert tech mavens think it’s already here.

Technology entrepreneur and author Bill Ruppert says the tech hub will bring new life to cities and rural communities that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Ruppert said in a recent interview with The Associated Press he’s hopeful the technology will create a new kind of energy for cities that use electricity from the grid.

“You’ve got all these old energy companies that are all dying off and they’ve got to go out and find new ways to generate their electricity,” he said.

He sees a future where the tech companies start to develop new technologies that use less energy and produce less pollution, and eventually, the entire city and rural areas will become energy-efficient.

We’re not going to have all these new buildings, all these cool new restaurants, new museums and parks.

We’re going to just have the old infrastructure and all the old, old buildings,” he told the AP.

Many in the industry think it can happen.

Mammoth Resources Inc. CEO Mark Dolan says he believes it will happen.

He predicts technology companies will find new markets to bring their products to and will create jobs.

Dolan said the tech industry’s growth is slowing down, but he thinks the industry is poised to make significant gains in the next decade.

For now, however, he’s optimistic that tech entrepreneurs can create a big and growing tech economy.

But some are worried that there may not be enough new companies to keep up with the new demand.

Even as technology companies ramp up their operations, they are still struggling to find new customers, especially young people.

While Dolan is bullish on tech companies, he worries about the future of the economy.


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