Desert Aid Project, a UK-funded tech startup, aims to provide renewable energy to millions of people in Africa

Desert Aid is launching a project in Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania to help rural communities to make use of solar energy.The idea behind the initiative is to “help make the rural areas of Africa more energy independent and more sustainable”.The project will be backed by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the UK Government.Desert Aid […]

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How to buy marijuana online without worrying about being caught

It may sound like a simple concept, but you’ll need to buy cannabis from a dispensary to buy weed online.Read More in the U.S. but it’s a growing trend.The move to dispensaries is becoming more popular among younger Canadians, according to a new survey of more than 500 people from across the country.According to the […]

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Which boots are best for hiking?

The desert boots for hikers are pretty much universally praised as the best hiking footwear out there, but some folks prefer their boots in different colors, with an eye toward aesthetics.The good news is that you can choose a boot that looks just like your favorite hiking shoe, without sacrificing any of its quality.Here’s what […]

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