A desert outlet that’s actually a new kind of desert outlet

Wired The Desert Vista outlet, a new form of desert-themed outlet that is actually a “new kind of outlet” is set to open in the desert this summer.

Desert Vista, located in the town of Desert Vista, California, will feature the largest outdoor amphitheater in the world with a capacity of over 4,000 people, including bands and DJs. 

Located right next to a water-powered power plant, the venue will be connected to a “river” that provides the water and power to the water-operated water pumps. 

The water pump, which will pump water directly into the amphitheatre, has been in place since the 1970s. 

Desert Villa’s water pumps are the same ones that power the city’s water treatment plant, but the outlet is a unique “water-powered outlet” in the Mojave Desert, where the city relies on a “tidal basin” system to store water in order to treat its water supply.

“We wanted to create a unique outlet for desert residents to experience the desert, and the water of the river is the perfect outlet for that,” said Matt Crouch, owner of Desert Villa, a venue that will be built with reclaimed water from the nearby Mojave Aquifer, the water supply for the Mojaves. 

“There’s no more perfect outlet in the whole of California for the desert than the desert,” he added. 

Crouch has been working on the project for more than three years.

“The water that we need to treat is the same water that’s in the river that goes into the water treatment plants,” Crouch said.

“We can’t just dump it in a lake.”

The outlet will also be a perfect outlet to have music and a “live music festival” to “provide an extra level of entertainment” to the crowd. 

This is not the first time Crouch has worked on a new desert outlet. 

He said that the concept for the outlet started in 2015 when he was building a water treatment station in San Jose, California. 

In 2018, Crouch was also working on an outlet in Santa Clara, California when he realized that water from a local water source was also a perfect venue for an outdoor amphade.

“I thought, I’ll try to do an outlet that isn’t really a water plant,” he said. 

That outlet opened in 2018 and has a capacity between 400 and 500 people. 

And it was not just water.

“It’s all natural elements, including sand, dirt, rock and even a little bit of desert,” Croupe said.

Desec Vista’s water is also used for landscaping, and it will feature a “lawning area” that will allow for people to take part in gardening or gardening.

“As we go into the desert and we go to the top of the mountains, the desert is really, really beautiful,” Croud said.

“So, we wanted to be able to bring that experience to the desert.” 

Desec Valley residents will be able take advantage of this water source, while “we are doing everything we can to preserve the water that the desert brings,” he continued. 

As for the amphitheatres, Croud told Wired that the venue’s “tents will be made from reclaimed water that comes from the water table of the aquifer, and all the power will come from the electric plant.” 

The venue is scheduled to open to the public in July.


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