Desert sands, spiny leopard, spiky arctic fox find new homes

Spiny leopards and spiky Arctic foxes are found in the desert sands and forests of northern Mongolia and Kazakhstan, according to new research.

Scientists say the desert and forests are the perfect habitat for the desert sun tanner desert spaniel, a desert fox that is found in areas in Kazakhstan and northern Mongolia.

“These are the only desert species that live in the same environments in both countries,” said biologist Zhejiang University wildlife researcher Zhaotong Yang.

“They’re very adaptable, they’re able to move between the deserts and they can adapt to their environments.”

Scientists also found spiny arctic jackal and desert spriggan in the deserts of eastern Kazakhstan and the arctic of southern Kazakhstan.

The researchers said the desert spined fox is a very large species, measuring 6.5 to 8.5 meters (19 to 28 feet) long.

They live in rocky habitats and live for about 10 years, they said.

“It’s one of the rare desert species in the world that lives in areas that are also the natural habitat for spiny jackal, spriggans, arctic spiny foxes, desert spiky leopard and desert foxes,” said Yang.

“So, these are very unique animals.”

Yang said the new findings are important because they are the first evidence of desert fox populations in Kazakhstan, the southernmost province in the country.

“The desert fox has been found throughout Kazakhstan, and also throughout China, and is very widespread there,” he said.

“This study is important for us because we know that the deserts in Kazakhstan are the natural environment for desert fox.”

The desert sands are a desert in China, the United States, Australia and the Middle East, according the National Geographic Society.

The desert sands also include the deserts, desert hills and high mountains of the deserts north of the equator, Yang said.


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