Las Vegas Strip’s ‘desert’ will be a ‘natural’ place for animals

Las Vegas is home to some of the most spectacular desert landscapes in the world, with an array of spectacular mountain ranges and breathtaking cactuses.

However, the desert is a natural place for wildlife, with the species most frequently found living there.

But as the desert expands into the next decades, the animals living there could face a more uncertain future.

The Las Vegas area is already home to many species that could be pushed out of the desert in the next few decades.

Read more: Las Vegas, Nev., Desert Tourism Authority official: ‘We’re not going to get it done’The Las Vegas Area Conservation District (LACCD) is planning to add an additional 50 to 100 species of reptiles, amphibians, reptiles and amphibians to the list of protected species it hopes to add to the endangered species list by the end of the decade.

LACSD director Joe Wertzel said in a statement that the goal of adding more species is to “reduce the impact on existing populations of the threatened species.”

The LACCD hopes to start taking proposals in the coming months, he said.

The Desert Tourism Association of Nevada (DTAU) also announced its plans to add 100 species to the state’s endangered species.

DTAU’s executive director, Paul Ostermeier, told The Huffington the goal is to make Las Vegas the most wildlife-friendly city in the state.

“We’re looking at it as a natural process, it’s not going down the same path we had when we had the first big additions of species to California,” he said, “and this is the natural progression.”

Read More: New Las Vegas, Nevada city to create ‘natural wildlife’ parkThe plan also includes some species that already exist in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas City Councilmember Dan De La Torre said the goal was to create a natural wildlife area in the city, similar to what the city created with its “The Wild” program in the early 2000s.

De La Torrre said there are already about 1,000 species in the desert, many of which are listed as threatened.

He said the LACSD is working with other local agencies to identify a few species that would be ideal for the desert.

According to the LASD, the Las Vegas city already has more than a dozen wildlife corridors and areas that are already designated as “protected.”


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