Recode: The story of how the Pentagon came up with the idea to stop the rollout of the Obamacare law’s Obamacare replacement plan, then reversed course on the plan as it became clear it was not working.

The Pentagon’s new plan for the Obamacare replacement was to put the Affordable Care Act on hold and wait for a more comprehensive solution to emerge.

But the administration was in deep financial trouble.

The Pentagon budget is $500 billion, and its debt was at $2 trillion.

At the end of June, when the president’s chief of staff, Ben Rhodes, was forced to resign, the Pentagon’s deficit was $1.8 trillion.

The plan had to be pulled.

Rhodes said he wanted to start a process to get the health care law out of the hole.

But after a year of delays and political dysfunction, the plan was scrapped.

The fallout: Republicans in Congress, who have spent months debating a plan to repeal the law and replace it with a system of universal health care, now want to go back to the drawing board.

Now, the president is pushing for the next steps in the process.

The president said on Tuesday that he wants to work with Congress on the “next steps” to the plan.

He didn’t give any specifics on how he would proceed.

“We’ll see how we move forward.

But we will be very careful and very cautious, and we’re not going to try to rush things,” he said.

The next steps The next step, the White House said, will be a process called a “plan B” that would start the process of moving forward with a plan B. It’s a process the president and his staff have called the “plan A” for months.

That process will start with a “continuing resolution” — legislation that would create a government-run system of insurance and would give Congress the power to override any rule changes that Congress decides to make.

But as soon as the government comes up with a replacement plan that could replace the ACA, the administration will have to start the plan B process.

“The plan A plan B plan is going to be the same,” the president said.

“There’s going to have to be some sort of process in place.

And we’re going to do that, but it’s going, I think, to be pretty straightforward.

And the president expects to get a plan from Congress before that process is complete.”

The president has been pushing for a replacement for the Affordable Health Care Act.

But so far, there is no immediate plan to replace the law, although Republicans have been calling for a plan in the wake of the deadly Las Vegas mass shooting.

In the past, the Trump administration has made no promises about a replacement.

On Wednesday, the President said he has “no plans” to pursue the idea of repealing and replacing the ACA.

But on Tuesday, Rhodes told reporters he believed that Congress should act on a replacement as soon, if not immediately, as possible.

“I think Congress needs to be able to act and move forward, and that’s why we have the continuing resolution, and it’s why I believe that a solution can be worked out,” he told reporters.

But Rhodes did not rule out the possibility of a legislative fix.

“It’s very possible, I can tell you that,” he acknowledged.

But he said he doesn’t believe the Republicans have the votes to pass such a plan.

“That’s not going on.

They’re not getting the votes,” he added.

Rhodes’ resignation came just a week after the House voted for the “Plan B” to replace Obamacare, which passed on a party-line vote with bipartisan support.

That bill includes a repeal of key elements of the law that are now required by the Affordable Law.

But lawmakers still have not passed legislation that could repeal or replace those laws, and there’s little chance that could happen before the end the year.

The “Plan A” would give the administration more time to find a replacement, and the president would have more time in which to act, and would also allow the Pentagon to use its budget to implement the replacement plan.

That plan is similar to one that passed in June, and includes a delay of the implementation of the Affordable Medicare prescription drug benefit, which would take effect in 2020.

It also would give Republicans more time, and could be easier to pass.

The White House has also said that it wants to keep the Medicaid expansion in place through 2020.

Republicans are still working on legislation that they hope to pass before the year ends to allow states to opt out of some of the provisions of the ACA and the Medicaid law.

It is unclear if any of that legislation will be approved.

In July, Rhodes called on Congress to pass legislation to allow the use of the money to pay for the Medicaid and Medicare expansion.

But that would also require passage of a continuing resolution.

“If Congress does not act on the Affordable care act, the military will have no choice but to extend the benefit for the remainder of the year,” Rhodes said.

He added that he believes the


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