The Desert Bloom dispensary is going dark, but the rest of the world can still use its products

The Desert Flower dispensary in downtown Phoenix has closed for good, leaving thousands of patients, including some from far-flung parts of the country, without the medications they need.

The dispensary, which closed its doors on Friday after being open for over three years, has seen more than $5 million in sales since opening in April.

The owners say they will now focus on reopening their other two dispensaries.

But with Phoenix already facing a shortage of pain medication, many in the state are not optimistic about the situation.

“It’s really disappointing to me, because they’ve been doing so much work, and we’ve been in this industry for a long time,” said Amber Johnson, a Phoenix resident who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when she was 17.

“We’ve been through so much.

Now we’re just not getting what we need.

We’re just seeing more of the same.”

The dispensary was a fixture of the city for more than 20 years, but now that it’s gone, it will be up for grabs by other operators.

Its owner says he will now try to find new patients and fill them with medication he says will help them get through the winter.

The company that operates the dispensary in the Phoenix area, the Desert Bloom Medical Group, has already taken a hit with the loss of a key supplier.

The California-based company, which also operates the Arizona-based Desert Flower, said it has already cut its supply by about 10% and that it will cut prices to make up for the loss.

But now the owners of the company, who call themselves Desert Bloom, have decided to close the remaining two dispensaries, too.

The two other dispensaries, located in other Phoenix areas and also in the city, have not yet been closed.

Arizona has an emergency prescription drug program, and Phoenix is one of five cities in the country that is not eligible for that program.

For those who live in Phoenix, the closure is not just a loss for the businesses that have operated there for decades, but also for the people who rely on the dispensaries for medication.

“I’m just very disappointed,” said Julie Johnson, who was born with fibromuscular complex.

“I’ve been there since I was a little girl.

My mom and I went there a couple of years ago, and my dad, too, and they’re still here, and now it’s over.

I just feel bad for them.”

The company has been struggling to keep up with demand for the medications.

The painkillers are being supplied by a number of different companies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services.

But Johnson says the company was never able to find a doctor to prescribe them.

So now, instead of filling prescriptions from a doctor, they are filling them with online orders.

“They are taking people’s money and giving them their prescription, and that’s wrong,” she said.

Johnson said she has been unable to keep her pain medication from her daughter, who has fibromyromyalgia and other chronic pain problems.

She said her daughter is not sure what to do now that she is unable to receive pain medication.

The owner of Desert Bloom said he is also planning to take legal action against the two other operators of the dispensaries.

The company said it plans to file suit against the company that closed the remaining dispensaries and also the other dispensary that operates in the county.

“We will be challenging them for the money they are owed and for taking advantage of the citizens of Arizona,” said Chris Sperry, the company’s president and CEO.

The state’s Department of Licensing and Regulation said in a statement that it “has received reports of possible diversion of prescription medications by those who are not authorized to provide such medications.”


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