When the Sahara Desert rains again, it’s not a ‘desert’ storm

There will be rain and snow again in the Sahara in June and July, a month after the last drought, which lasted until the end of June.

The long-awaited return of rainfall in the Middle East comes amid warnings that the drought will leave tens of thousands of people without electricity.

And that is a dire warning for the region, where millions are without clean drinking water and the worst is yet to come.

But it is not just drought and extreme heat that are a threat to the region.

There is also a long-term threat to people’s lives, climate scientists warn.

We know that extreme heat and drought are more likely to be a problem in countries like China, but the effects on people and livelihoods are even more severe,” said Prof Paul Stacey of the University of Reading, who is a senior scientist in the World Bank’s Climate Change Research Unit.

He said that there were other risks in the region as well.

The first major drought was caused by El Niño.

In the past three years, more than 10 per cent of the world’s crop production has been destroyed by drought.

In Africa, the continent has seen record low rainfall, especially in the Sahel region, in which drought has been particularly intense.

The effects of this have been severe.

The Sahel, which is home to Africa’s biggest reserves of gold and diamond, was hit hard by a catastrophic drought last year.

There are some regions in Africa where drought is a serious problem, but in the other parts of the continent it is a more manageable problem, Stacey said.

The drought was so severe in Ethiopia that farmers had to abandon their crops in order to keep food supplies flowing.

There was also a serious risk of floods that were so severe that some rivers in Ethiopia had to be diverted to other parts.

This drought is the second drought in Africa, after a drought that devastated parts of South Sudan in 2012.

The damage caused to Ethiopia’s crops and livelihood was devastating, said Prof John Foulkes, a professor at Oxford University who studies the drought.

The loss of food and the destruction of agriculture was such that many people in the country were forced to leave.

We now have two other major drought in the sub-Saharan region.

We’ve had an increase in heatwaves, more frequent storms, and that has been an additional concern, he said.

There have been concerns that the impacts of climate change on the region would also be felt in the area.

And this is one of those cases where we have an event that has such severe impacts on the environment that the natural variability in the climate system has already changed, Foulke said.”

So if you had to compare this drought to the last one, the last major drought, you would expect a very different outcome,” he said, referring to the drought that caused the death of thousands in India in 2011.”

The difference between the two is that in the last case, there was a long time lag between when the heatwaves were happening and when they were affecting the crops.

“Climate change is warming the planet, but scientists say there is also the chance that it will also exacerbate some of the already existing problems in the continent.

This is why there is a need to understand the complex processes that lead to changes in climate, according to Prof John Gillett of the Institute of the Environment, Water and the Atmosphere in Auckland, New Zealand.

The two major drought events in the past were in the late 1970s and the early 1980s.

In both cases, there were natural factors that caused severe drought.

These include rising temperatures and increasing amounts of rainfall, the study said.

Climate change has the potential to affect both the global climate and the natural environment in ways that are already occurring.”

If you look at the effect of climate on people’s ability to survive, they are going the other way as well.””

The impacts that we see in Africa are going to be felt elsewhere in the world.”

If you look at the effect of climate on people’s ability to survive, they are going the other way as well.

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