Arizona man gets $15 million dollar deal to teach desert order

Tucson, AZ — A Tucson, Arizona man has won $15.3 million in a settlement with the state of Arizona over a lawsuit filed by a group of students and educators who said he had not taught them the correct principles of desert order.

John DeSantis, a dentist who has taught the desert order to students in the Arizona Desert Order Institute in Tucson, was accused of misusing his dental privileges.

The suit said DeSants practices of teaching students that the desert is a place of life, not a place for killing people, and that the practice of teaching people how to kill each other violates the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

In a statement, DeSantas said he would pay $15,000 to every student who participated in the trial, which he had set to begin on July 1.

He said he hoped to begin teaching the desert to his students as soon as possible.

He also said he wanted to teach the school the principles of the desert orders, which include non-violence, self-defense, and self-discipline.

The students and teachers who sued DeSantes, including two students from the Arizona Institute of Mining and Technology, said he misused his dental authority and should have followed the law.

They also argued that his teaching methods are not in keeping with desert orders that emphasize self-restraint and respect for others.


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