How a giant sandstorm swept across California

By now you may have seen the story of how a sandstorm rolled through the deserts of California on August 26, destroying dozens of homes, killing at least seven people and leaving millions of dollars in the rubble.

The storm is often referred to as the “Sandstorm of ’93,” after the storm that devastated parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey.

It’s one of the most devastating natural disasters in the United States since Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the East Coast in 2012.

The disaster left the entire region in a state of emergency and led to a nationwide evacuation order.

On the night of August 26 at about 2:00 AM, the National Weather Service issued an evacuation order for the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as parts of the East Bay and southern California.

The order also included a “temporary curfew” for San Francisco and the surrounding areas, with people required to stay home and report to the emergency center.

The curfew is a measure of the extreme weather conditions that hit San Francisco on August 27.

It was not immediately clear what caused the sandstorm, or whether there was a specific weather event that triggered the storm.

But by the time authorities evacuated, it had already killed at least three people and caused $6 billion in damage.

The National Weather Agency’s Hurricane Watch System has now been updated to include the sand storm, which has been active since mid-September.

It is now one of three major storms in the country that are expected to hit the region this weekend.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm is moving at an average speed of 16 miles per hour.

It has generated wind gusts of up to 70 mph, with gusts up to 150 mph possible.

It made landfall at the San Bruno River in San Bruno, California on Monday, with winds reaching up to 85 mph.

“The wind was strong, and there was tremendous rain and debris in the river,” said Tom Stoll, a spokesperson for the California Coastal Resources Commission.

The Coast Guard reported that it had received reports of a “massive storm surge” on Monday night, with some boats and ships reported as capsizing.

Stoll said the storm was moving toward the coast, but the Coast Guard said it was too early to say how strong it was.

In San Francisco, residents were being told to be cautious as a storm surge could be dangerous, and some were told to take shelter at the nearby Civic Center, which is under construction, the city’s mayor said.

It also was raining hard, and the wind was getting stronger.

In Sacramento, residents in some neighborhoods were told that they had to evacuate their homes.

At least nine people have been killed and over a hundred injured in the storm, according to the Associated Press.

The weather was predicted to be moderate to severe on Sunday.

The winds of up a hundred mph were reported as the storm passed.

But in the early hours of Monday, the wind gust was expected to be over 100 mph, the AP reported.

“It was really quite scary,” said Chris Sommers, who lives in the Mission district of San Francisco.

“I’m going to go into a store and it will go down to the ground.

I have a few windows left.

I’m going out into the street and it’s just rolling.”

On Monday morning, there was an extreme heat wave in Southern California, where it was the hottest day on record in some areas.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the heat wave caused by the storm had prompted mandatory evacuations, and many areas had been closed due to extreme heat.

It had also caused flash flooding.

At one point, officials in Sacramento said that it was likely that there could be up to a half a million people in the San Gabriel Valley.

The area is the second largest in California behind Los Angeles, and about the size of Texas.

It lies between the cities of Stockton, Stockton Heights, Redding and Modesto.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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