How to Buy a Desert Treasure OSR: Clarks Desert Boots | Walmart

A few weeks ago, Walmart announced it was giving away its first pair of Desert Treasure boots in the United States.

The Desert Treasure boot has a similar design as the Desert Rose and Desert Rose Bamboo, but is made of anodized aluminum and is available in five different styles.

Each model has a different strap, but there are no color options.

The Clarks Desert boots are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. 

While the Desert Treasure has an appearance similar to the Desert Rodeo boots, there are many differences between the boots and the Desert Ridge.

The desert boots have the Desert Ring logo on the tongue and on the upper.

There are two different colors of Desert Ring on the Desert Treasures.

The shoe has a black mesh with a black stripe along the sole.

The leather on the soles is a more durable material that can last a lifetime, while the Desert Boots’ leather is very flexible and stretchy.

The boot is available for men’s sizes 6-12, while women’s sizes are available.

The shoes have a price tag of $110.00.

 The Clarks Desert Shoes have a similar appearance to the Clarks Desert Rope Boots, but have an improved leather and have a new design.

The two shoes are available for women’s and childrens sizes.

The price tag is $99.99.

If you love to wear sandals and boots, you might want to try these out as well.

The Clarks Shoes also have a $99 price tag, and the Clarks Boots are available at Walmart.

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