Trump slams ‘so-called Muslims’ for anti-Muslim rhetoric

President Donald Trump has lashed out at so-called “so-call” Muslims for their anti-American rhetoric, claiming they should be “thrown out” of the country and that they should never be allowed to live there again.

Speaking at a rally in Arizona on Tuesday, Trump claimed that the Muslim-majority country of Bangladesh was a “very, very bad” place for its people.

“They have no respect for our country,” Trump said of the people living in Bangladesh.

“They are so violent, so dangerous, they want to destroy our country.

So, throw them out.”

Trump has been pushing for an immigration overhaul since taking office in January and has been trying to build a more inclusive, borderless America.

But on Tuesday night, Trump said that Bangladesh was one of the countries that should be targeted.

“You know, they have a problem,” Trump told supporters.

“It’s a very, very, bad country.”

The president also claimed that Bangladeshi immigrants are responsible for more violent attacks in the United States than Muslims in general.

“What I’ve seen is violence.

We’ve had people, I’ve had, you know, women, you’ve had women, men.

You’ve had young girls, you had young boys,” Trump continued.

“You know we’ve had a lot of people come in from Bangladesh.

And I think Bangladesh has a problem.”

But while Trump’s comments have drawn a strong response from members of the Muslim community, he has also faced criticism from some in the Republican party who claim he is putting American lives at risk.

“If he were to go ahead with this, it would be a total travesty.

This is a man who has called for a ban on Muslims entering the United State,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) told MSNBC.”

I think he should have gone ahead with the immigration ban,” he added.

“I think it would have been a much better idea to have him go ahead and not do that.”

Corker, a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, also called on the president to clarify his position on the issue.

“The American people are asking him to explain his position,” he said.

“The American government is asking him not to do this.

He has to be crystal clear.

And the president has not been clear on this.”

Trump also lashed out against fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a fellow conservative, who recently suggested that he would not support the GOP’s nominee for the presidency in November.

“Let’s get back to the issues,” Trump shot back.

“What do you have to lose by supporting a Democrat?

What do you need?””

We don’t need a Republican president,” he continued.


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