When the Broncos return to Denver, they’ll dress like the Raiders

DALLAS — For some, it’s a moment of relief.

For others, a momentary respite.

For Peyton Manning, it might be an opportunity to see how he looks.

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos will return to their downtown Denver home to play the Oakland Raiders for the first time in a decade.

And as for Manning?

His usual wardrobe is the first to be stripped away.

The Broncos are wearing green jerseys with a black logo on the front and an orange stripe down the side.

Manning will be wearing his usual attire: a black helmet with red piping, white gloves and red-striped boots.

Manning will be on the field wearing a white headband with the words “Broncos” and the word “home” printed in white on one side and a black band with the word “(MIA)” on the other.

The Raiders will be dressed in green jerseys.

And Manning’s usual attire?

A green jersey with the Raiders logo printed on the back and white pants with blue-stripes.

“You see that a lot,” Manning said of his typical wardrobe.

“You look back at the games.

I mean, I don’t think anybody would’ve thought I would have a green jersey.

And I’m going to be looking good.

It’s kind of the same way I look, but it’s just something that’s kind (of) a little bit different.

I guess you could say it’s more casual than I usually wear it.”

I think you see a lot of people who come here and don’t wear the green jersey, but I think I’m a little more casual.

“Manning’s normal attire in 2016:Green jersey with blue piping, gloves, white boots.

Green jersey without the logo:White jersey with red-tipped piping, green pants with white-stripered boots.

The players will wear a special white headgear with a blue band with a red-stripe and the words “(MILWAUKEE) LOS ANGELES” on it.

The Raiders’ headgear is similar but with the same stripes.


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