When the Rockies opened, the desert fox was here

By JEFFERSON DOWD/Associated PressIt’s the same story every winter in the Rockies, but with more than a little snow in sight.

This year’s drought has brought more than just the cold, it has also brought the desert wind.

A cold snap that swept through the Rockies has brought with it the desert sand, which is a potent mix of salt and water.

It can be deadly, and its effects on the environment can be disastrous.

In a recent study published in Nature Communications, researchers at Arizona State University compared the effects of the desert sands on ecosystem health in the Great Basin.

They looked at the effects on plant communities, fish populations and soil conditions.

They found that the sand caused more than $2 billion worth of damage in a single year, and the researchers estimated that the cost of lost economic activity could be as high as $200 million per year.

The researchers said the sand, along with the desert winds that blow from the Colorado Plateau, cause the region to be vulnerable to climate change, which can make the region hotter and wetter, with more extreme precipitation and more frequent flooding.

In Arizona, the drought has already made it a hotbed of wildfires, with hundreds of thousands of acres burning in some areas.

The area has been the source of much of the national media coverage in recent weeks, but the fire season is expected to last until mid-March.

Scientists say the sand will have a huge impact on water supply in the desert, as well.

A drought that doesn’t end could lead to a drop in groundwater levels and potentially damage nearby reservoirs.

“What the sand does is it makes the water more salty, and so the water levels are lower, and that’s going to lead to an even more rapid depletion of groundwater,” said James McPherson, an ecologist at the University of Arizona.

He also warned that it could be difficult to monitor the sand in the future because it could move in and out of the area.

“When the sand is in, there is no monitoring because it can be on the move,” McPterson said.

The team, which includes McPferd, is also studying the impacts on wildlife.

They plan to study how the sand affects the desert water supply.

It could have an impact on how water gets into the Colorado River, which supplies the entire West, and on the desert’s wetlands, which are a key way of sustaining the ecosystem.

The study also found that water quality in the area is improving, but some of that improvement is temporary.

That’s because there has been an increase in saltwater entering the river, which will make it more difficult for water to get to Lake Mead.

The authors of the Nature Communications study said that it’s likely that this sand will stay in the region through the end of the dry season.

“This will be the final winter in which the Great Desert will be able to experience a drought,” McPeerds said.


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