Why Red Desert Toys, a Desert Pet, is a Top Toys 2018 Product of the Year

On a recent afternoon, two kids in a white pickup pulled up in front of a red desert toyota dealership, and in a few minutes, they were on the show floor of the company’s new Los Angeles headquarters.

They were just a few weeks removed from a trip to the Red Desert, where Red Desert has installed a robotic dog that will greet customers at the entrance of a store, pull a toy out of a bag, and put it in a box.

The dog, which was introduced last year, has since become a popular attraction in a desert setting.

But Red Desert’s latest foray into the pet market came when the company unveiled a new model of robot that it says will “provide a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience for consumers and the pet industry.”

The Red Desert robot is the latest in a line of toys that the company says will help pet owners and pets alike feel “empowered and at ease” when shopping at its stores, including a $2.50 robotic puppy that can bark to alert customers when it hears a dog barking, a $25 robot cat that can take a picture of customers, and a $1.50 robot dog.

In its press release, Red Desert promised that “it will create a new world of connected experiences for pet owners, and for consumers,” and it promised “the most authentic pet experience in the pet space today.”

But while Red Desert is working to bring pet owners into its pet-centric store, it’s not always a safe place to be.

In July, a young boy in Arizona was bitten by a dog while playing with a Red Desert toy.

A few weeks later, another boy was bitten while playing, and the child was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries.

The boy’s injuries were later diagnosed as lacerations to the brain and skull, and he was placed in a medically induced coma for nearly a week.

Red Desert said the dog that bit him “was trained to respond to its handler’s voice.”

But the boy’s parents said they were still concerned about the dog, because it had “been trained to attack other animals” in the neighborhood, and that it was “very aggressive.”

They said they decided to go to Red Desert to complain because the company failed to adequately address the problem.

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada The first incident occurred on July 17, when a 6-year-old boy from Red Deer was bitten after playing with his Red Desert toys at a pet store.

RedDot, a company that specialises in providing pet-friendly toys, said that the boy had been playing with Red Desert dolls at the pet store when he was bitten, and it is “deeply concerned” about the incident.

In a statement, RedDots CEO Dave Clements said, “The RedDOTS team immediately began work on a thorough investigation and we have been working with our veterinarian to determine what caused the boy to be bitten.”

RedDOT said that it had since “investigated all possible scenarios to determine the nature of the incident.”

Red Desert says it is working on an update to its robots, but that it is also “investigating other measures to prevent future incidents.”

“RedDots takes the safety and welfare of our pets very seriously and is taking a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to addressing this issue,” the company said.

But the incident highlights how little is known about pet ownership in the Red Dots pet store environment, where it has been operating since March 2016.

Red Dot said that its pet store in Red Deer has had a safety policy in place since at least June 2015, but it said that since then, there has been no change in that policy.

“Our policies and procedures are extremely strict, and are enforced by our trained, experienced and experienced employees who are in a position to ensure that our animals are treated respectfully and safely,” RedDotes said in a statement.

“We have never had a complaint regarding a pet at our pet store, and have never, in fact, had to contact the police in this regard.”

Red Dotos spokesperson Robyn Williams said in an email that the safety of RedDott’s pets and their owners is a priority.

“The safety of our pet dogs is paramount,” Williams said.

“At RedDotos, our goal is to create an environment where all of our guests feel comfortable and welcomed.”

Reddots, a Canadian company that was founded in 2012, operates in six Canadian cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and Vancouver.

The company has more than 15,000 employees and operates in 15 countries.

But its pet shop in Red Doto is in a residential neighbourhood.

Reddot has a reputation for being controversial, and is often criticized for its use of “pet stores,” or pet-themed stores, that feature “pet food,” toys, and other pet products.

But it also has


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