Desert Aid: Why the US is getting ready to give back to the desert

By Recode Staff Writer The US government is looking to give a lot back.

It has spent millions of dollars to help communities build the desert ecosystem and has donated millions more to research and development to help clean up the environment and preserve the desert landscape.

And the government is not alone in this endeavor.

More than 1.5 billion people have visited desert areas, according to the US government, and the United States is the second largest producer of fresh water in the world, after Russia.

But this is not enough for some of the country’s wealthiest and most influential citizens, who want to make their mark on the desert.

One of the most notable, Ben Carson, has become the country ‘s most outspoken advocate for the desert, and has vowed to lead the country towards a clean desert.

Carson has proposed to build a 1.3 million acre desert sanctuary, or “santa island,” at the base of Mount Rushmore in South Carolina.

Carson also has a plan to build an underground tunnel under the US Capitol to carry tourists to the site of the world’s first presidential inauguration, the swearing-in ceremony.

Carson’s plan would be the largest outdoor event in history and would include the construction of a replica of Mount Suribachi, the volcano that erupted and leveled much of the southern United States in 1810, and is currently under construction at a site in Arizona.

Carson wants to bring back millions of people who came to the area in the 1800s, and hopes to turn the desert into a tourist destination.

“You can be in the desert for as long as you want,” Carson told the Associated Press last month.

“But you can’t have it all.”

He is also pushing to create a national monument to protect the desert and its ecosystem.

The US is a national treasure, but a desert paradise?

Carson’s ideas are not new.

In his first days as President, Trump said that he wanted to “put America back in the middle of the desert,” and that he would create a National Desert Preservation Act that would preserve the lands and waterways of the United State, and restore the desert environment to its former glory.

Carson is a man of action, who has pledged to work for the environment in all areas of government, including the military.

He also wants to create “sustaining employment opportunities” and make the desert economy a “renewable and sustainable” industry.

Carson believes that the government should “support the desert industry by creating jobs, investing in infrastructure, and investing in the restoration of the ecosystem.”

The US Government is also investing in a plan called Desert Alliance, which would see US government funds provided to private companies to help support infrastructure projects to improve the deserts environment.

But Carson has not yet proposed a single piece of infrastructure for the area, and his proposal is vague on how he would implement it.

“We will not be rushing to put a new dam,” Carson said.

“I think we should be slow, but if we can make a good dent, then that is a good start.

But I don’t want to go into a grand plan and say, ‘We have to have a new one.'”

Carson has long been one of the more outspoken proponents of the idea of a clean and renewable desert, particularly since he was elected President.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, believes that “we can start from a clean slate.”

“We can start with the desert where we are, with all the dirt, all the pollution, all of the water pollution,” Carson recently told CNBC.

“And we can go further and create a desert that is clean and sustainable.”

Carson believes in the idea that the US should be a place where the environment is treated as a resource and not as a commodity.

“A desert is a resource,” Carson argued.

“It’s a living, breathing organism.

We cannot live off the desert.”

Carson has also pushed to restore national monuments and open them up for development, a concept known as “national monuments,” which are places that were designated by the government as places of special national interest, and where the public can have a voice in the decisions made about those places.

“If we want to have an environment that is healthy and beautiful and vibrant, then we need to protect our national monuments,” Carson once said.

Carson previously pushed to open the Great Salt Lake, and to make the Grand Canyon a national park, which was not an easy task given that Carson did not own the land he now calls “the desert island.”

Carson’s plans would not go far enough, however.

“The US should not be a desert country,” Carson stated.

“America is a land of great promise and great promise is inextricably tied to a healthy and vibrant environment.”

“It is imperative that we have an environmentally sound and economically sustainable future,” Carson added.

Carson does not plan to run for president, and in fact, is now a retired


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