How to avoid the desert storm that could sweep the U.S. and the world: January 4-6

The sun is setting on the American Southwest, but there’s plenty of daylight left.

The U.N. has issued a humanitarian red alert for parts of the U-S.

The threat of a tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico is also looming.

But with a tropical storm warning issued in the Atlantic and a tropical depression warning issued across the U.-S., it’s likely that some parts of Texas and Oklahoma will see some of the worst weather possible this month.

“You will see tropical storms.

It’s very unlikely, especially with the tropical storms and the strong winds,” said Chris Wiblin, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University.

Wiblens predicted some of Texas’ thunderstorms in the next two days, with wind gusts of up to 75 mph.

That means there are likely to be several hundred thunderstorms with gusts up to 150 mph, according to Wibler.

He says if a tropical wave is headed toward the Gulf, it’s a good sign.

“It could be devastating for a region.

It could be catastrophic for a country,” Wiblen said.

And while a hurricane is not likely, Wibelins forecast a storm with a maximum sustained winds of 125 mph that could be headed north.

The forecast does not include the possibility that a hurricane could form in the southern Gulf, Woblin said.

Wiblin says it’s not likely that a tropical system is headed this month, but it’s possible.

“I don’t know that it is impossible.

But I think we are in for a very unusual month of February.

There is a lot of potential,” Wiglin said, adding that he thinks the U.,S.

will be in for an extreme heat wave.

The weather outlook for the U is grim.

There’s a lot to do, especially in the Southwest, WIBlin said in a phone interview.

The storm track has moved into the Gulf this week.

And we’ve seen the tropical storm track.

So it looks like it could be an extremely hot month of the year for Texas, with a lot going on,” he said.”

The storm track is moving north, so it could have some potential for a tropical-storm-force winds in the region.

But it’s hard to predict.

It is possible that we will see a few tropical storms, and they could have impacts.

We could see flooding, and it could cause widespread damage, and we could see damage from tornadoes.

“Wiblins warnings will likely remain in place through the week.


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