‘I’m so tired’: How you can help keep alberTSons palm-sands forest alive

In a time of drought, alberTsss Palm Desert has faced a shortage of water and nutrients, which has led to the extinction of the native forest.

“The main problem is that the main source of nutrients is the palm trees,” says Tim Albertson, one of the co-founders of the group Alberton Sustainability Alliance.

The palm trees have to be cut down, but that’s not going to happen overnight. “

That’s why we’re all on the Palm Desert Conservation Trust to find solutions for that.”

“The palm trees have to be cut down, but that’s not going to happen overnight.

The last thing we want is the trees to become extinct.”

Tim and Albertons goal is to protect the area’s native forests, which are currently valued at between $4.5 million and $10 million.

The group has been involved in more than 25 projects across the region, including the creation of the Palacocha Forest Reserve and the development of the National Desert Preserve.

“Palacochas are very important for the survival of this area, so the first thing we did was establish a reserve around them, which is the same for any of the other protected areas,” Tim says.

“We’re really just working towards getting the area as protected as possible, so that’s what we’ve been doing since we started.”

The group’s first project was the creation and development of a reserve on the northern fringe of the reserve, in the Namib Desert.

“That’s really where the rest of the Palm Sands will be, and it’s where we’re going in the next few years to see the next big project coming down the track,” Tim explains.

“One of the big issues with the Namibia Desert is that there’s not enough water, and so there’s no way that we can sustain the plantations.”

A lot of it is really a lack of management, so we’re trying to find a way of managing that, but it’s still very challenging.

“The rest of Tim and Alberss project involves the creation or extension of a new desert park on the eastern fringe of their reserve.”

This is one of our biggest challenges,” Tim said.”

You’re looking at a huge amount of land in Namibia, so you’re talking about a lot of water, a lot more than we have here in the United States.””

So we’re looking to bring it to a point where it’s really sustainable, where it is safe to build on.

“Tim is keen to point out that the conservation of the area is not only about protecting the forests, but also about protecting people.”

It’s important for us to do it because it’s very important that the people that live in the region are also taking care of the land.

“People are dying on a daily basis because of the lack of protection,” he says.

Tim says the region’s ecosystem has been degraded over the last 15 years, and that the region is now a “wonderful place to live” and has the potential to be a great place to grow crops.

“But we need to start conserving, and not just in the areas that are protected, but in the rest areas, and we need people to make that a priority.”

And we need the government to support the conservation effort, because it needs to be part of the overall plan.

“Tim says it will be up to the government if they want to support his group’s efforts to protect and sustain the area, and if they do decide to support their cause, it will help them to achieve their goals.


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