Why do Israelis love this Minecraft?

In the latest installment of the “desert rose stone” series, we take a look at the creation of the desert shrine of the Mojave Desert, a place that inspired both Minecraft and the original Mojave.The story behind Mojave, Mojave-themed video games, Mojaves, and the Mojavis is the story of two cultures, a nation, and an […]

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Texas gets $2.6 billion from the state’s largest solar project to help boost economy

NEW ORLEANS — Texas will get more than $2 billion from its largest solar program for energy production and distribution, which was announced Thursday by Gov.Greg Abbott.The solar project, which will cost $6.6 million per megawatt hour, is expected to generate about $6 billion for Texas.The money will go to the state of Texas’ Department […]

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Why We’ve Been Hiding from the Desert Scorpion

We’re so used to seeing scorpions, but in many areas of the world they are almost invisible.That’s because they are in the same family as the desert scorpion and can’t be seen from land.In fact, scorpions are considered “un-native” by the United Nations.They’re considered a pest by many countries, including the United States.In addition, there […]

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Which Desert Boots Is Best for Desert?

By Dan Hsu/Staff writerDesert boots are popular for a few reasons: They’re durable and stylish, they offer plenty of protection from sandstorms and sandstorms of their own, and they’re incredibly inexpensive.But there are some drawbacks, too.Here are five of them.Desert sand, sandstorm sand, and desert boots are all named for the desert region they’re made […]

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Which Desert Eagles are available in Spain?

There’s a wide range of Desert Eagles available in the country.From the most expensive models, to models with more niche appeal, to affordable models, there’s always something to suit everyone.We’ve picked out some of the best Desert Eagles we could find.The new Desert Eagle M9 has a 9mm caliber, double-action trigger.It’s made by Macys, and […]

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Desert storm: Why we’re all here

It’s the biggest natural disaster of our lifetimes, the worst storm to hit the United States since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the one that devastated Louisiana and Texas and the one in which millions of people lost power.In the years since, thousands of people have lost their homes, businesses and livelihoods and millions more have […]

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