Desert storm: Why we’re all here

It’s the biggest natural disaster of our lifetimes, the worst storm to hit the United States since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, the one that devastated Louisiana and Texas and the one in which millions of people lost power.

In the years since, thousands of people have lost their homes, businesses and livelihoods and millions more have been displaced from their homes.

The storm also has spawned new questions about how to respond to it.

What we know about the storm:The storm hit the U.S. West Coast in late September.

It was named Desert Storm because of the desert climate and it made landfall near the desert in the United State of California on October 2.

The storm destroyed more than 3,000 homes, destroyed more.

It left over a million people without power.

It also caused an estimated $5 billion in damage.

It also triggered a major earthquake that rattled the West Coast.

The U.N. and the U tolaid the U-2 space plane that helped guide the mission to the storm and was also involved in the rescue efforts have said the damage to the space plane was “the most significant earthquake-induced disaster in U.


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