Why is the desert resort at Marriotts Desert Canyon Golf Club in Palm Desert a ‘no go zone’?

Posted April 09, 2019 09:58:17It’s one of the few places in the world that’s still open to the public in a way that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

Marriott’s Desert Canyon resort is one of those places, and it’s still under construction.

When it opens in 2020, the resort will be the first of its kind in the United States.

The resort, built in the early 1960s by the famed Walt Disney Company, is a popular destination for families, with rooms for up to 80 guests.

But it’s also one of many that are not open to tourists, with the resort’s closed on weekends.

In the past decade, hotel occupancy has dropped to an average of 1.2 per cent in some areas, with some of the biggest drops in the Palm Desert, the largest population centre in the state.

Since it opened, MarriotTS resort has also become a magnet for the world’s attention.

In the last decade, the number of visitors to Palm Desert has risen by about 50 per cent.

But MarriotT resort has been a hit in other parts of the state, including in the cities of Palm Springs, San Marcos and Palm Desert.

The resort is also attracting a new breed of visitors who come to see the resort and the world.

The MarriotTC resort is the first in a new class of resorts that are being developed in the country, said Marriot CEO and president of Walt Disney International, Jeff Berwick.

He said Marriott wanted to develop hotels that were open to families.

It was the right thing to do for us and the right decision for the company, he said.

The new resort will include two hotel units.

One will have a private pool, a spa and a restaurant, while the other will have an open-air resort-style spa and restaurant.

For some people, they may not want to go to the resort, said hotel employee Melissa Lee.

There are also two other hotels in the resort.

The first is a restaurant called The Lounge, which will offer private dining and wine tasting, and will have private outdoor seating.

The second hotel will be a restaurant-bar called Marriot.

The second location is in a strip mall, called The Marriot Bar.

The two hotels will also have restaurants and bars, including the outdoor dining area.

The resorts will be built on a 5.8 hectare parcel of land at the Palm Springs airport, which is adjacent to the Palm Beach International Airport.

It will be open from June 2020.

It is the second resort in the Marriot group to open in the region.

The Marriott Resorts in West Palm Beach opened in July 2017.


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