What desert maps are missing from Kalahari Desert?

Kalaharia is the northernmost desert in the Mojave Desert.The desert stretches across much of central California and is home to a diverse range of animals including desert tortoises, desert lizards, and many other creatures.But while the area has been dubbed the “world’s most beautiful desert” by some, the desert is also a habitat for a […]

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Which one of these technologies could save the planet?

In an era of unprecedented drought and global warming, there are several technologies that are poised to offer some relief from the devastating effects of climate change.The desert institute’s Sonoran Desert Institute (SDAI) and the Arizona Institute of Technology’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are two of the largest research institutions working on this issue.Their […]

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How to create an anime desert theme song (with cartoon desert institute)

The desert is a place where many of the most beautiful landscapes in the world are found.The vast expanse of the Mojave Desert, with its deserts, desert mountains and desert grasslands, is home to over a billion people.But there’s a dark side to this desert paradise that’s hidden from the eyes of the rest of […]

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When you’re a desert toads, you’re just a desert, writes the editor of The American Conservative

In the early days of the Trump presidency, The American Conservatives’ editor-in-chief was a former member of the US Army’s Special Forces unit that was deployed to combat the Taliban.He’d had the chance to see firsthand what was going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where American troops were being trained and equipped to fight a […]

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