Texas gets $2.6 billion from the state’s largest solar project to help boost economy

NEW ORLEANS — Texas will get more than $2 billion from its largest solar program for energy production and distribution, which was announced Thursday by Gov.Greg Abbott.The solar project, which will cost $6.6 million per megawatt hour, is expected to generate about $6 billion for Texas.The money will go to the state of Texas’ Department […]

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When the dust settles, the Black Desert Mobile title has you covered

Mobile games are going mainstream.The mobile game world is full of amazing and challenging titles, ranging from the simple and fun to the challenging and serious.Nowhere is that more evident than the Black Mesa mobile title, which is now available on Android and iOS.The title features an open-world, survival-style game play that requires players to […]

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How Palm Desert Gardens Became the Next Google HQ

The Palm Desert is an impressive, vast, diverse and vibrant landscape, filled with everything from palm trees to desert flowers to the latest iPhone.The desert’s history is steeped in its unique, rich culture and unique ecosystems.And it’s about to get even better, thanks to a growing number of technology companies coming to the desert.The Palm […]

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